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{Word...of the Month}

Word...of the Month Kits
   The "Word...of the Month" kits are wooden letter sets themed according to each month of the year. Each month will have one to two words to choose from. All pieces will be cut from  MDF and fonts and sizing will vary. They will be available as finished or unfinished kits.

You can purchase them through my Etsy shop ...Well Good! or just send me an email at:


April 2011:
This set is cut from 1/2 inch MDF. The letters are 3 to 5 inches tall, the umbrella stands 7 inches tall, and the little chick is 3 inches tall.
This kit comes unfinished, with all letter pieces (s,p,s,h), L/umbrella handle and top, and chick cutout, paper detail patterns, and finishing instructions. 
Set sells for $7.
These letters are cut from 1/2 inch MDF and vary from 4 to 8 inches tall.
The kit contains letters E,s,e,r, A/basket cutout, T/rabbit cutout, and heart cutout. 
Paper detail patterns and finishing instructions.
This kit arrives unfinished and sells for $12.
Kit contains the base 2x4 block (5 inches tall), feet and beak cutouts,
 feathers, eye tacks, and finishing instructions.
Sells for $5.
March 2011:
March Kit #1 is a fun and cheery reminder of the change of seasons, the warm that is coming, and the beauty that will soon surround us! 
This set is cut from 1/2 inch MDF, letters stand 3-5 inches tall, bird stretches up 7 inches.
Kit contains all letters, bird and wing cutout, base, legs, craft wire, flower paper and center, paper to cover bird, and patterns for flower, and finishing directions.
You will find this set in my shop. It sells for $10.00

This set includes a 2x3 base, all letters, craft wire, paper label, ribbon ties, kite paper, 
patterns and finishing directions.

Letters are cut from 1/2 inch MDF and stand 3-4 inches tall.
Entire piece is about 11 inches long by 6 inches tall (to top of "K").
This kit sells for $10.00
March's set includes both flower pots, 2 flower cutouts, stems, and finishing instructions.
It sells for $9.00
April's Block Head set includes the block base, ear and nose cutouts, wire whiskers,and finishing directions.
This set sells for $5.00

January & February 2011:
January Kit1:
"Got Snow?" $8 each unfinished, $16 finished
kit includes: letters, snowflake, penguin body, tummy, wings, feet, and beak, and finishing instructions

January Kit 2:
"Celebrate" $15 each unfinished, $20 finished
kit includes: letters, 3eye hooks, and finishing instructions

January Blockhead Kit:
"2x4 Penguin" $5 each unfinished
kit includes: body block, tummy, wings, feet, and beak, snowflake, craft wire, and finishing instructions
*tutorial found on "Goodie Tutorial" page

February Kit 1:
"Love Bug" $8 each unfinished, $15 finished
kit includes: letters, bug body, head, wings, nose, craft wire, eye tacks, and finishing instructions

February Kit 2:
"Sweet Heart" $8 each unfinished, $15 finished
kit includes: letters,heart cut out, "frosting", and finishing instructions

December 2010: 
December Blockhead Kit:
"2x4 Reindeer" $5 each unfinished
kit includes: body block, nose, tan, pink, and white felt pieces, antlers, and finishing instructions plus patterns

{FROSTY} $10.00 each unfinished
set includes: letters, snowman cutout, tacks for face,
  finishing instructions and patterns
{SANTA'S WATCHING!} $10.00 each
set includes: wood blocks, detail pieces, vinyl lettering,
 fabric, and finishing instructions
November 2010:
November Blockhead Kit:
"2x4 Turkey" $5 each unfinished
kit includes: body block, head piece, feathers and finishing instructions plus patterns
*tutorial found on "Goodie Tutorial" page

Harvest-finished $20.oo each
unfinished $10.oo each

October 2010:

Boo-unfinished and Spooky-finished
Boo set cost $5 unfinished
Spooky unfinished $8
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