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Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Salad Link-up SHOUT OUTS!!! (part 1)

I've had my Summer Salad link up for a while now and have to say some serious yummy goodness has been shared there!
I haven't got to try them all yet, but have put a good sized dent into the list. And I'm having a great time while doing it.
If you've got a goodie to share, please link it! I'd love to try it.
Until then, here's a few that have been BIG hits at my house...

I couldn't resist when I saw this:

Mango and Prosciutto Salad from Little Snow Flower
OH MY!!! So Good-I ate almost the entire thing by myself!

This we had to make!

My girls love watermelon and this was such a fun way to eat it.
This little fishy swam on over from Sun Scholars

We tried this one when we were on a "try new salsa-ish" kicks:
So super yummy, and full of fruits/veggies my girls usually won't eat. But they did this, in fact, we had to make a second bowl...
Give Sassy Sanctuary's Cowboy Caviar  a try.

My girls love broccoli, so this was a no-brainer, tummy-pleaser!
One of the easiest salads to put together, and a ton of flavor in each bite.
Give Homemaking Honeys' Broccoli Salad a try.

There you go, four super yummy goodies to try!
 There are so many more so expect another shout out post to come.
Also, if you've got goodies to share-please do!
 Finding new things to feed my family is always a good thing.

Happy Munching! 

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