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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet My Friend...Ellie from Vanilla Bean Girls!!!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for having me over today!  My name is Ellie and I blog over at Vanilla Bean!  I like to blog about home crafts, DIY, kids crafts, and cooking!  I also host a Show Off Sunday Link Party if you ever want to stop by!  I thought I'd share one of my most popular recipes with you all today. . . .hopefully you guys like to cook!
How about some "white girl" enchiladas, or as my hubby would call them, "Enchiladas Guera".  Prepare yourself for some awesome yumminess! 
Start off by gathering your ingredients:
 - 12 flour tortillas
 - 1 tub sour cream, 16 oz
 - 1 can cream of chicken soup
 - diced chilies (I like the canned Ortega chilies, medium; how much is up to you)
 - 2 pounds grated cheese.  (I like to use the pre-grated cheese in a bag since I'm usually in a rush after work)
(olives if you like)
 - 3-4 shredded boneless chicken breasts (sometimes I used leftover grilled chicken from the night before, or I cook a whole chicken in the crock pot during the day while I'm at work, but it's much more work to debone it.)
I've also used the recipe with ground beef or shredded beef or pork, but the fam seems to prefer chicken so we usually stick with that or just plain cheese! yum!
In a large mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients except for the tortillas and the shredded chicken.  I like to lay all the tortillas out assembly line style and put a heaping spoonful of chicken and a spoonful of the cheese mixture into to each.  You're going to want to save at least half the cheese mixture for later!!!
Once you have them all filled up, roll them up and make sure to tuck the ends inside.  Place them tightly packed into a cassarole dish that is pretty deep.  I use a 9 X 13 pan and they just barely fit!
Smother the top of the enchiladas with the rest of the cheese mixture and stick in the oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly.  The time depends on exactly how full you make your tortillas, and how much you layer on top.  Naturally you want them to cook and melt all the way through!  I usually find that it takes me about 45 minutes or so, at 350, but I just keep checking back.
Try to contain yourself!  It's a long wait with yummy yummy spicy smells floating through the house!
Once everything is melted and golden, take it out and let it set for a few minutes, otherwise, the mixture can be really runny.  Put them on the table, fight everyone off with a stick when they try to eat straight from the pan, and be sure to thank me later!! 
You should have plenty of leftovers for the next day too, which just makes it all that much better!
Thanks so much for letting me visit today Wendy!  Hope to see y'all real soon!  We're always on the look out for guest bloggers for our Tutorial Tuesdays also, so email us at vanillabeancrafts@gmail.com if you're ever interested!

Thanks so much Ellie!
I'm all for "white girl" enchiladas-cause well, I'm a red-headed definite white girl, and I can't take all the heat in the other ones!
Can't wait to give them a try-
Happy Crafting.

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Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

I Love Ellie!!! Looks so yummy!!!!!

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