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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet My Friend...Dorian Busily Spinning Momma

Hi, my name is Dorian and I blog over at Busily Spinning Momma. If you wanna know more about lil' ol me, you can read up here.
busily spinning mommaI blog about sewing, and crafting and mommy-ing, and how to look awesome good on a cheapo's budget. I do a bit of everything with a whole lot of fun.
When I saw that Miss Wendy needed some guest bloggers on her AH-dorable blog, you know I just had to help! I have long loved Wendy's stuff, sew (HA! see what I did there? I'm a clever one, I am. LOL!) I am honoured to be guest-ing here today.
Wendy asked that I pick one of my tutorials and share it with you. Today, I chose to share my most popular tutorial with you, My "Ruffles & Buttons" Anthro Inspired Tee refashion.
In this tute, you will see how to make a look alike of this lovely (but price-y!!!) dress:
into a tee-shirt from a long sleeve shirt.
To finish with this:
Go to HERE for the full picture tutorial.
If you want even MORE tutorials , make sure to click on my "Tutorials" Tabs for many more. Enjoy!
Thanks for having me Wendy! I hope you're enjoying your time with your family and come back refreshed and happy! I know I speak for all of us when I say we can't wait to have you back :)

This tutorial is SO easy to follow! And there are SO many more great fashion knock-offs to be found at Busily Spinning Momma.
You really need to go check out her Rustic Spoon Pendant tutorial. Super cool!
Happy Crafting.

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