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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teacher Appreciation 2012 Edition!!!

I know this is very after-the-fact. Teacher appreciation was last week, and if you knew the story of my week before I think you'd understand my tardiness in posting. But my hope is you and I can stow these away for next year or even use a few of them as year end gifts.

I love teacher appreciation, I loved it when I was teaching, but I love it even more now that my girls are all in school. They have WONDERFUL teachers that I am so grateful for. So it was with a huge smile on my face and love in my heart I set out to make them each know how much I and my family appreciate all they do.
Monday was flower day...
Teacher Appreciation Gifts
{I was in a super hurry and forgot to take a picture. So thank you pinterest for helping me out here}
I bought a tall cylinder vase and a bunch of pencils (4 dz) at the dollar store.
Hot glued the pencils around the vase, tied a big bow, and add flowers.
The card read:
If we could choose our teacher,
we'd PICK you every time!

Tuesday was a treat day...

A plastic storage container from Wal-mart filled with Swedish Fish! The note read:
It's O-"FISH"-al,
You're Heads and Tails Above the Rest!
Thanks for all you do to keep our little school swimming.

Wednesday was supply day...

Cute, huh? I found a great tutorial HERE.
 I just adapted the supplies to things that our teachers need/use. My cake has notebooks,post-its, dry erase markers, pink pearl erasers, pencils, crayons, and glue sticks.

The card reads:
You've given us "SUPPLIES" to learn to write and read...
But what we really know is we need YOU to succeed!

Thursday was book day...

Floor pillows and a stack of books!
The pillows are covered in envelope casings so they can be easily washed and were machine appliqued with flannel and felt pieces.

The card read:
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
A few more books for your room.
Skit Scat Skoodle Doot.
Flip Flop Fee.
Thanks for all the stories that you've read to me!

And Friday was just a memory day...
{and I think my favorite!}

I had the kids each stamp two thumbprints into a book and then sign their names. I went back and drew the shape of an apple around each of the prints. I also had them each tell me why they would give their teacher an apple and then compiled their answers into a little apple shaped book. 
The message on the front of the book is:
Some teachers deserve an apple,
you deserve the whole tree!

Last, I used the name of the school, the school motto, the class and year, the teacher's name, and all the students to make a school family tree. 
The saying on the bottom is:
Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.
I hand wrote it with sharpie on card stock and placed it into an 8x10 inch frame.

The note on this one said:
Thank you for being the "root" of our school family.

So there you go! One very successful Teacher Appreciation week. It was so much fun to put all this together, and even more so to see the faces of my girls' teachers when they were given to them.

Our year-end gifts are in the works, but I'll share as soon as they are done.
Hope you're having a great week--
happy crafting.


The Allen Family said...

WOW! I cannot believe all you do. Amazing. You make the rest of us look pathetic. ;)

*The Thompson Fam said...

wow...you're a nice mom...sighhhh :)

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