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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SYTYC Week 7...Kids Can Do!!!

Week 7 done and somehow I'm still in this thing! It has been so fun, and I have gotten so many of my "want to makes" finished. This project has turned into one of my favorites. I'm ready to start working on all the goodies to fill it up and make it a really great place for my girls to spend some time...anyone know where to find a cute, pretend cash register?

This theme had me stumped from the time I first saw the list of themes.
But now that I've got it done and behind me, this project is by far one of my favorites.
What started as "hey, I'll make a puppet theater out of this old bookshelf" ended up as a four-in-one play center.

Everything swaps out so easily the kiddos can do it all by themselves! The theater curtains are held in place with velcro so they come off when the show is over and it's time to set up the ice cream shop. The shop name signs are double sided--just give it a flip and you've got a new adventure and the icon signs hang with tied ribbon over a chunky knob. Just add your wares for the day to the dry erase board and your open for business!
As I mentioned, I used an old bookshelf as the base so everything stores neatly on the shelves.

My girls were so excited when they saw it, first thing they did was make a tip jar and plans for the weekend. Ahh, self-motivated entertainment--now that's a "Kid Can Do" success in my book!

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Robin said...

I found your blog through SYTYC, and I nearly gasped when I saw this project. This is EXACTLY what I have been wanting to do for my kids! And you did such a cute, cute job! I have very few skills and I'm scared of a big craft like this. Do you happen to have a tutorial?

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