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Monday, May 14, 2012


HOORAY!!! I made it through to another week's project. So here you go, my week 5 upcycle...enjoy!

I had a great project in mind--I was going to make over a mirror for my entry way. Hauled the mirror 1400 miles to my dad's house so I could work on it there, went to get it out of the car and STEPPED on  it!!! UGH! But bad became good because I now have this little gem...

A sassy new umbrella for my patio set back at home!
 (And some fun pillows to match.)

So she started out like this:

...so sad, just beige and boring.
But now, with the help of my sewing machine and a few bright and beautiful tableclothes,
I get to enjoy my summer days in bold, colorful style!

Summer...bring it on!
Happy Crafting.


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