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Friday, October 14, 2011

House of Order...American Crafter Round 2!!!

You wonderful ladies got me through to round two of American Crafter!!! I can't thank you enough because I seriously can't stomach the thought of being the first cast out! So horribly vain I know, but it's like a childhood fear coming to life all over again...so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

This week's theme is House of Order and any organizational thing goes. I made this...

{If you like it, I'd LOVE it if you'd go VOTE for it! voting opens at 1 o'clock MST}
One super-sized, super visible all-in-one family message center!  No more clutter on the fridge! No more matching up calendars! No more trying to remember where all my children are because it will be written on the chalkboard!!!!
Loving it already.
It fits right onto my pantry door so you really cannot miss it. It breaks the week down by days, as well as tackles the weekend events and still leaves room for the big days during the entire month-you know like birthdays, big tests, holiday breaks, etc. The board itself is chalkboard so no more paper!!!
Saving trees and my sanity...feeling calmer already.  
{PLUS...it gives my 4 yr old a  "safe" place to take out her artistic flares.}
So the quick how to...I painted a few glued together pieces of backing board with chalkboard paint. Hit the miter box with a hand saw and a few pieces of trim to make it pretty. Gave the trim some love with a few coats of spray paint and then ever so NOT patiently waited for it all to dry. Glued and nailed the trim into place and then spent some quality time with my cricut figuring out the vinyl. All said and done, a morning well spent, a family that much more put together and a rockin' new decor piece! I am happy...

Happy {organized} Crafting.

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