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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Floral Throw...American Crafter Round 3!!!

Is it still Friday! I can't seem to keep it all straight.
Anyway, just wanted to share my round three project with you. It's nothing amazing, a simple little throw, but it will serve it's purpose here in a few weeks when I can actually get around to using it!

(At this moment, I'm getting my booty kicked so if you'd be so kind as to maybe go vote for me, just so it doesn't hurt so bad, I'd greatly appreciate it!)
American Crafter Round Three Theme: FABRIC!
I chose this week to make one of my favorite {want-to-be}escapes even better.
I love sitting on the back porch with a mug of super creamy cocoa and a good book in hand {wasting?} away the afternoon...

I put together a small throw, about the size of a crib quilt, to keep me cozy while I read--it's actually been cold here in Southern Texas! I wanted to keep it in the sense of "Fall" hence the browns and yellowish-greens, but couldn't pass on a bunch of ruffles and flowers either!
It's soft flannel and super warm, just what my book and I needed.
Best of luck everyone and thanks for another fun week-

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Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful!

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