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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Munchies...HOLY LARGE PIZZA!

Okay so no recipe today, just a fun little place to try if you ever find yourself in San Antonio, TX.
Big Lou's Pizza
was our destination for dinner last week after our day at Sea World.

My husband is a huge fan of Man vs. Food and this place was featured on it so we thought why not give it a try, looked like fun.
 So why was this kind-of run down, really out of the way place on National TV? Because of this...

You're seeing this right.
That is a 42 inch diameter pizza!
(It is bigger than 2 of my girls!)

It weighs more than 30 lbs and takes almost an hour to cook, but the oohs and awes it received made it worth the wait.
My kids have never been so excited to eat a pizza before.

We ordered a half pepperoni, half Hawaiian. It wasn't the best pizza I've ever eaten, but again the sheer size made it so fun. It ran us just under $75 for this baby, kinda steep for a family dinner but if you're with friends, it averages out to the cost of a normal dinner out. And seriously, we fed 4 adults and 9 kids and still brought back a ton of leftovers.
{So take a third family!}
You can only order this baby at the restaurant-sorry no delivery. So if you find yourself in San Antonio, Texas, give it a try. It's definitely memorable!
 Just more proof that everything is bigger in Texas right?

Happy Munching!

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