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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Thank You...

I just wanted to pop in for a minute and express my thanks and gratitude to so many people I will never know personally on this special day.
U.S. Flags
As a child Memorial Day was always spent with my mom's family traveling from tiny cemetery to tiny cemetery decorating headstones of long gone family members.
I can honestly say I didn't love all the driving, but I do remember how wonderful it was to hear my grandmother tell stories and share memories of those wonderful people.
The holiday has a different feel to it as an adult. My family is to far from those small town cemeteries to be able to share that part with my girls, but we do talk about family. Those still here and those we've lost.
But now, we also talk about the men and women that have served our country and continue to provide us with "The Land of the Free".
One of our very dear friends is enlisted in the Air Force, we are so blessed that he is safe and still with us.
There are so many that are not.
To those of you that have lost family members serving abroad-thank you for your sacrifice to keep my family safe and away from harms door. Your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers continually.
I have started something with my girls that maybe each of you can also share with your little ones that don't really grasp the magnitude of what others are sacrificing for them-every time we see a flag waving this weekend we count it. At the end of the day we talk about how many flags we saw and how each flag represents someone that gave their life to keep us safe. And we add those people's families to our prayers as friends that we hope will know how much we appreciate what they gave.
God Bless those of you with Heros in your own families and THANK YOU so much from mine.

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