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Thursday, December 6, 2012

4x4 "No-Melt" Snowman!!!

I was asked to do a guest post last year for Missy over at So You Think You're Crafty. She was in between competition seasons and needed a few pre-holiday filler posts. It was so much fun! And my first real introduction to her great blog.
I have been asked several times since then about this little guy and realized I never re-posted the tutorial here on Craft Goodies. Well the timing couldn't be better to do so, so let me introduce you to my 4x4 No-Melt Snowman!

Tell me that doesn't make you smile?
Even better he was super quick and easy to put together.
You'll need just a few things to roll out one of these guys:

4x4 post cut into 5 pieces
bottom piece measures 11.5 inches long
middle piece is 9 inches long
shoulder piece is 6.5 inches long
head is 3.5 inches long
and hat is 4.5 inches long
small piece of 1x6 inch pine
cut to 5.5 x 5.5 inches (should be a nice little square)
wood glue
paint and brushes
white, black, and orange
2 twigs for the arms
fun snowman-y accessories
fabric scarf, ribbon, buttons, holly, snowflakes, etc
Tools needed:
Miter Saw to cut the 4x4
*you can get the post cut to size at Home Depot or Lowe's if you don't have access to a saw
Drill and Drill bit
*drill bit should be just wider than your twigs

Start by painting the blocks. All body pieces white, the hat and square base pieces black.
Once they are dry, rough them up with your sandpaper.
Remove any dust. Using the wood glue to hold everything together, start making your snowman. Glue the hat pieces together, being sure to center the block piece onto the square piece and set aside to dry.
(I found it was easier to create the face if I left the hat off until the very end.)
Glue the body and head pieces together, centering each block onto the larger on below it then set aside to dry.

Once the body is dry, you're going to drill the holes for the arms. One on each end of the "shoulder" block drilled on an angle so the arms don't stick straight out!

From there you're ready to make your snowman yours.
I set the twig arms in place with a hot glue gun, and then painted the rosy cheeks. The nose came next, it's a small wood rectangle cut from a paint stick, and last I drew on the eyes with a sharpie.
Once I had my face done I glued the hat into place and finished dressing my snowman.
I used a scrap of fabric for the scarf and matching ribbon for the hat band. Some fun wood stars painted black down the front instead of buttons and then some other fun odds and ends to give him a little more personality.

Get creative and enjoy making your wintry friend! Or go crazy and make a bunch, we all need a friend or two, right?

Enjoy your holiday season and happy crafting.

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