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Friday, February 10, 2012

Classroom Valentines x 4!!!

Okay, so I was hoping to have these up no later than noon, but it's been that kind of a day!
So early evening  it is, but they're still in time for a weekend project or two.

These are the Valentine's my girls will be sharing with their classes this year...

Nothing amazing, but they are sure excited so I think I did okay.

So here's the dirt on making these things:
My husband scored an amazing deal on packages of silly bands...like the FREE kind of deal so I was determined to find a way to not have them at my house. Enter Valentine's Day--oh, I love it even more!

My 2nd grader has a friend with a severe nut allergy in her class so these were perfect. I made up a fun little tag to fit over the top of each bag, I taped it into place on the bag and done!
If you'd like it, you can have it!

Click on it, save it to your computer and then print this baby out-I went with the standard 4x6 and unclicked the fit to frame button so it wouldn't cut off the flowers!

The little airplane I first saw at my sisters house. She whips them out as thank you gifts for her primary substitute teachers. Since then, I've seen them all over pinterest so I new I had a winner!

You need smarties, a stick of gum, two lifesavers, and an elastic.
The elastic goes through the lifesavers and then loops up onto the wings.
Place the smarties between the two lifesavers, but under the elastic and you just became an airplane mechanic!
Here's what I learned, wrap the gum in paper because the elastics pulls it down and don't use the candy lifesavers--go with the mint ones. The candy ones get really sticky and nasty...

my preschooler is taking these:

Perfect for pre-k, right! The pencil is a roll of sprees candy wrapped in yellow paper. A Heshey's kiss made up the point and pink and gray paper made up the eraser end.

For the tags on both the plane and pencil I just used the textbox options in microsoft word.

And last, this is my favorite! It fits my 6 yr olds personality to a T!

Inside each little bag are two gumballs and chocolate lips. The tag reads:
I only "BLOW KISSES" to people I like!
You could substitute Hershey's kisses here to but te lips were to cute to pass up. I found them at my local Dollar Tree.
I'm going to use the same tag but fill a larger container for her teacher.

Here's the tag if you'd like it, same deal as before.
Click, save, print.
I wet wallet sized again unclick the fit to frame button.

I have a few more to finish so I'm off to the papercutter and tape!
Have a great weekend-
Happy Crafting.

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