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Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Blockheads and Word...of the Month Kits!

So the start of school is clearly kicking my bootie!
 I've spent the last three days running to and from school, volleyball try-outs, play dates, dentist appointments, activity days, mutual, visiting teaching appointments....what happened to being back in school means peace for mom?
Maybe next week, right?

Anyway, I'm super excited to be sharing a few new blockheads and a new Word...of the Month Kit. I've had a kit done in my head for every month this year, summer just didn't give me the time to actually finished them so this is a bit of a mini victory for me!
 (I even have all of October's done too!)

I mentioned a few weeks back that I am SOOOO ready for Fall. I am just aching for cool nights, crisp mornings, and a color other than dead grass! But I fear with all this Texas heat and no end in sight, there will be no fall-so I'm making my own!

This set is cut from 1/2 inch MDF and vary in height from 5 to 6 inches tall.
Set contains four pieces: letters F, L, and L, and an acorn cutout for the "A".
Comes unfinished so you can your choice of color and embellishments.
This set will be in my shop HERE! later today.

The first September Blockhead kit is an autumn must have!
You can't have fall without a little brown owl nested in the trees.
I am loving that this little guy can hang out on my shelf from now all the way through October.

The kit contains the base block, beak, wings, and feet cutouts, as well as paper patterns for the tummy insert and eyes, feathers, and finishing instructions.
Whoo wants one?
Look for the tutorial soon or find the kit in my shop...

And Blockhead #2...

Fall is all about the harvest, and every harvest needs a friend.
This little scarecrow was so fun (and easy) to make and looks so cute nestled in with a bunch of sunflowers and pumpkins.

Kit contains base block, hat, and nose cutouts, raffia bundle, and flower for hat!
As well as paper patterns and finishing instructions. Again, in the shop.

Tutorial will be coming soon...

And speaking of the great fall harvest, I've put this word kit from last year back in my shop (it's still one of my very favorites!!!)...

It's looking a bit more Fall-like already!
Hope you like them, I sure had fun putting them together, along with 8, yes EIGHT, blockheads for October-I'm so excited to share them but am going to sit on them for a bit longer.
Happy Crafting-


Army Wife Quilter said...

way way way so cute.

Erica said...


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Coley said...

Someone pinned your owl blockhead (on Pinterest) and I saw him and fell in love and came looking for him but now I don't see him in your shop!

Brenda said...

Have a great weekend!
Love, Brenda

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