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Monday, December 5, 2011

For the Love of PAPER--Quilled Paper Ornaments!!!

You may have noticed a few days of ornaments missing last week.
Well, there's a story behind that...

You see I have this adorable 4 year old that LOVES to take pictures, only problem, she doesn't have a camera. So what does a resourceful young lady do in such a situation?
 She borrows her mamas, of course!
So yeah, this mama still hasn't uncovered her secret picture taking local--hence no pictures.
As soon as I locate the camera I'll get the pictures up.

But all is well! I planned a week of paper ornaments this week and today's is another borrowed one. 
I found this a while ago and just thought it looked like a fun sit-and-watch-TV-make-an-ornament kind of project.

All paper! Such possibilities!
And the blog where I found it is really cool too, some seriously neat projects there.
You'll find the how to at

Enjoy your Monday and happy crafting.
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