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Monday, September 26, 2011

Look What Showed Up in the Shop this Weekend!!!

Can I tell you a little story?
Last year about this time, I started this blog and opened up my etsy shop. About a month later, I made this cute little guy...

...it started this crazy idea in my head.
 "I could make one of these for every month of the year, it'll be great!"
And it has been great, and so much fun.
But the ironic part of it was, the next set of Blockheads I designed were going in the wrong direction, I made a set of Halloween ones.
And it has been killing me to sit on them for almost an entire year! So why then would I wait until the end of September to show them to you? I don't have a good answer, so instead of waiting any longer let me introduce you to my Halloween Blockheads...
Up first is my First Lady of Halloween, Miss Witchie-Poo!
I am absolutely in LOVE with her, right down to the warts on her nose!

And then there's my leading man, Frank E. Stein. So simple, but SO cute...
and don't forget his super sweet young bride,
meet the Mrs...
...don't you just LOVE that hair!

And last for today, what Halloween is complete without a creepy crawly little friend?

Too cute to be scary! but absolutely necessary!
(He he, dorky rhyme)

Did you catch that last part..."last for TODAY..." yep, that's right, I've got FOUR more to share with you tomorrow.
I dare say, I'm a little obsessed with these blockheads of mine. But they were so much fun, I couldn't help it. Sharing these also reminded me that I never put up the tutorials for the scarecrow and owl...whoops! sorry.
{Have I mentioned that I've been a little crazy lately?}
Okay here's the business end of things:
You can find all the kits for these little friends in my shop...Well Good! or wait for the tutorials to appear here on Craft Goodies.

So lots to do, lots to look forward to...
I'll see you tomorrow, happy crafting.

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